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Our mission is to fully inform business owners of their financing options and to assist our clients in obtaining funding in a timely manner.

The Straight Cash Advantage

Whether you need funding for your business, or are looking for a funding resource for your clients, Straight Cash Capital is here to help. You will find our funding offers to be highly competitive and significantly cheaper than traditional financing options due to our large lender pool and knowledgeable advisers.

Regardless of the size of the business, whether well-established with appreciable earnings or just starting out, with Straight Cash's access to multiple lenders and funding options we can help you or your client obtain financing quickly and with the best possible terms. We are committed to helping business owners and industry professionals save valuable time and resources by providing a range of financing options through an easily accessible and transparent funding platform. 

Our advisers work directly with referred clients or business owners to find the lending option that best suits their needs, providing flexible terms and conditions tailored to their business size and repayment capacity.

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MERchant cash advance

Technically not a loan, but an advance on future credit or debit card sales. The lender often forms a partnership with credit card companies and collects a percentage of each sale. Payments are a percentage of each sale so repayment is not a burden when business is slow.

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business line of credit

A flexible credit line, usually with a bank or other financial institution, which can be used for any purpose up to the maximum loan balance. Not to be confused with business credit cards, business lines of credit often have lower interest rates, fewer fees, and more flexible payment options.

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A collection of long term, low interest loans for the purchase of fixed assets such as real estate, equipment or machinery, expansion capital, funding the purchase of another business, disaster recovery or even, in some cases, refinancing other debts. SBA Loans are partially guaranteed by the government and therefore more attractive to lenders.

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Term Loans

A long term loan which is paid back with regular payments over time, including interest. This type of loan is extremely flexible and can be used for almost any business purpose. A mortgage is the best known example of a term loan.

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Personal Loans for Business

A loan from a financial institution against personal assets (usually real estate) but where it is understood the funds will be used to finance small business operations. Has the disadvantage that if the business fails, you are still personally liable for the debt.

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Short Term Loans

A small loan, often from a credit union or other smaller financial institution, which usually must be repaid in two years or less, principal and interest. Has the advantage of less stringent loan requirements.

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Equipment Financing

A loan or lease specifically for the purchase of business equipment, where the equipment itself acts as collateral for the loan. Car loans and leases are a form of Equipment Financing.

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Invoice Financing

A loan against (Asset Based Loan) or purchase of (Invoice Factoring) accounts receivables. Invoice financing allows you to access quick cash against current unpaid invoices.

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Small Business Startup Loans

A variety of loan products which assist with launching or funding a small business, including business credit cards, credit line builders and equipment financing. In most cases, collateral will be required.

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Who We Are

About our Company

At Straight Cash Capital, our 360 approach to relationships professionally serves a wide-variety of institutions, companies and industries with the mission to secure the most appropriate type of funding possible to help business owners acquire the capital needed to help their businesses grow.

What separates us from our competition is the fact that we do not offer only one product. Our extensive network of lenders allows to offer Term Loans, Lines of Credit, Equipment Loans, Cash Advances, Mortgages, and any other financing needs that you may have.

The most popular product we offer, a "Merchant Cash Advance", is one product that may work for you. Falling under a different category than a traditional Loan, a cash advance is actually a purchase of your business's future receivables at a discount. Not only can we fund your business within 24 hours; we also offer the widest variety of cash advance programs in the industry, allowing us to really tailor-fit a program that makes economic sense for your business.

Funding Options

• ACH Funding or Credit Card Splits

• Funding amount from $5,000 to $5,00,000

• Delivery of receivable schedule daily or weekly

• Length varied from 21 days to 250 days

Industries We Serve

• Construction/Contracting Companies

• Retail and small shops

• Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

• Car Dealerships and Repair shops

• Law Firms & Consulting

• And many more...


While we do often directly assist business owners, at Straight Cash we also value partnerships with other business services professionals, providing you with knowledgeable and trustworthy financing assistance for your clients.


Quick, reliable, and responsive. Straight Cash Capital helped me open two new location in days.

Spa Franchise Owner

I was in a jam; I had a big project but my supplier needed payment on delivery. Straight Cash Capital helped me bridge the gap.

Restaurant owner

These guys understand the problems business owners face. They have become a valued partner and key to our success.

Performance shop owner

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