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The Straight Cash Financial Services Marketplace

Whether you or your client need capital for expansion, production, day-to-day operations or even debt restructuring, we can help.

Straight Cash Capital is a financial services marketplace specializing in helping businesses find the capital they need with the best possible terms. From education to application, Straight Cash will guide you through the financing process to ensure that you get the funding you need as quickly and painlessly as possible.

In addition, we also assist other business services professionals (accountants, financial planners, lawyers, etc.) to find funding for their clients.

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At Straight Cash we are dedicated to providing business borrowers with a straightforward and transparent funding platform, providing informational resources to ensure that borrowers fully understand their options, and to dealing with borrowers and referrers with the highest standards of business ethics.


After searching everywhere for products that were both affordable and high-quality, our CEO decided to try something new: provide customers with unique and beautiful products that people could actually afford. We started out with a few employees, one collection, and a lot of passion. And we learned that’s all it takes to start something extraordinary.


We at Straight Cash are a close group of individuals with years of history in finance and private lending. We are here to serve your business funding needs to the highest degree.

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